Surprise Hens Night Melbourne

Plan a Surprise Hens Night Melbourne


Planning a party for a bride is an act of true love. A hens night Melbourne is an opportunity for the bride’s friends to salute her and she enters her new life. A hens night Melbourne can be one that the bride knows about in advance. The hens night Melbourne¬† can also be something that is a secret for the bride. Giving the bride a surprise is one that can add to the fun of the hens night Melbourne. A surprise is one that allows the bride and the members of her wedding party to have fun. Each member of the bridal party can be in on the secret. Keeping secrets is a fun way to create even more excitement in the days leading up to the wedding. A secret surprise is one that is lots of fun and makes the bride’s upcoming day even more special.

Deciding on a Date

Before doing anything else, the planner of the Hens Packages Melbourne hens party Melbourne should decide what date works best. The best date is one that allows every single person to come to the party. Contact the bride’s friends and all the members of the bridal party in advance. This is a good way to find out who wants to come. Think about the kind of date that is best for everyone. In many cases, the ideal hens night Melbourne is a weekend night. A Friday or Saturday night is a good choice as many people are free during those times. Find out if the bride has plans. The bride’s mom can help with the planning. She can also help the party planner determine if her daughter is free on that date. The bride’s mom can also participate in the days leading up the hens night Melbourne by keeping her daughter occupied and not suspecting a thing.

Creating the Evening

It’s a good idea to poll as many members of the bridal party in advance and find out what they like to do. They might have some suggestions for all sorts of activities. They might also know the bride well so they can suggest things she really wants to do during the hen night. A good friend can also help eliminate choices that the bride will not like. For example, the party planner might not be aware that the bride is allergic to shellfish. The party planner can also learn how to keep the upcoming hen night secret. Even if the bride knows in advance about the date, she might not know the location of the party or what’s going to happen when she gets there. Keeping the details a surprise can make the party even more fun for all those involved.

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